Let's build Sutter Mills together

As we operate as a platform for our clients, we operate as a platform for our teams : our operational backbone supports each employee’s personal development so he can contribute to building Sutter Mills. Your journey begins with connecting to the team but it’s only a start…

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Meet the team and better understand our mindset and ambitions

Led by Xavier Cardon (ex-Google), Olivier Mazeron (ex-WPP) and Guillaume Cardon (ex consulting & investment banking) – a unique combination of experiences in digital marketing, brand building and international advisory – Sutter Mills benefits from a specific DNA that allows to provide with a strategic, holistic, independent and tech native vision of the data value chain.

It's all about culture...

Why are the 3Cs so important ?… simply because it is the framework for developping Sutter Mills human capital : from recruitment to internal promotion, from performance assesment to bonus allocation, from training priorities to management philosophy, we measure achievments and objectives against the 3Cs.


COMPETENCY -> focus on expertise

Expertise in a given field, Ability to accumulate, Use and diffuse expertise, Perspective on the data value chain and the digital ecosystem


CONSULTING -> focus on delivery

Project & people management capabilities, Communication skills (written and verbal), Client & business sense


CULTURE -> focus on values

Fit with ICARE : Innovation, Collaboration, Autonomy, Responsibility, Excellence