Unleashing the power of AI with your business data becomes easy now


Ready to use, plug-and-play, cloud-based data enabling solution by

Data lake as a service

We believe that technology should empower business and accelerate the innovation. The data lake implementation projects often require from 12 to 18 month and requires a considerable investments, in the meantime the used technologies become obsolete, while business value of storing the massive amounts of data is often reduced to basic reporting.

With Hypersphere we motivate our customers to focus on data-driven insights, use-cases implementation and value that data brings to business before investing in massive in-house data lakes infrastructures or choosing a cloud provider.


  • Out of the box data lake with Ops, Monitoring, Security and alerts.
  • Industry standard patterns for data-quality and efficient metadata-management.
  • Plug and play to the wide range of data sources and out of the box connectors
    to third-party tools.
  • Ready to use components to enable machine learning and data science.


  • Accelerate your
    data knowledge and innovation process
  • Augment marketing and customer insights, enable the data exchange capabilities
  • Build easily new
    POCs with the data
    science teams
  • Drive fast use-cases implementation and
    build flexible analytic applications
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  • Software Development & Marketing Automation

    Marketing automation tools integration.
    Web development, mobile development and engineering services.
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    eCommerce platforms build-up.
    Cloud migrations and business scaling.

  • Big data & Advanced Analytics

    Levering the data flows and engineering data transferring, data storage and computer systems.
    Data science expertise on-demand.
    Machine learning models implementation and scaling.
    Data science platforms and data lakes build up.
    Devops and custom development.