Data-driven Strategy Consulting

  • Adtech / Martech Selection, Implementation & Operations

    RfP management & techno selection

    Implementation of AdTech / MarTech technologies: DMP / CRM / WebAnalytics / CRO / AdServing / Programmatic

    Use cases & activation strategy

    Change management & training

    Performance / KPIs definition & monitoring

  • Consumer Insights

    Insight detection, emotional triggers, pre / post tests

    Qualitative & quantitative methodologies

    Focus groups / social listening /on line forum / survey & research

  • Big data & Analytics

    Bussiness intelligence and advanced analytics at scale

    Strategies for private clouds architecture and migrations

    Building data lakes and data warehouses

    Algorithms and machine learning

    Predictive & prescriptive analysis

    Data visualization & reporting

    Data Engineering services

  • Software Development & Marketing Automation

    High-load web systems development

    Progressive and mobile apps development

    eCommerce integrations and solutions development

    Marketing and business process automation software development

    CRM and Web Analytics tools integration

  • UX/UI Design & Content Creation

    Data Driven Design (D3) methodology

    Branding & visual Id

    Web desktop / mobile design

    Content creation

    Build a hybrid online / offline seamless user experience

  • Data Risk Management

    Compliance audits, fraud detection, maturity assessment, training

    Digital fraud, risk analysis, fraud management, predictive fraud analysis

  • Sutter Mills Core

    An integrated approach to Analytics, DMP & CRM

    • AUDIT

      Marketing Objectives data structure Project governance & process Technologies & Partners


      Coordination & media strategy, Uses cases, ROI objectives & monitoring, Change Management


      CRO, Analytics, Reach, Acquire, Convert, retain, Training & Best Practice


      KPI`s definition & Management, Cross team / sites coordination, Dashboards implementation…


      Planning, Executing, Closing, Lean, Agile, Scrum, Stakeholders Management


      Data Management, Webanalytics & Attribution

  • Sutter Mills Epsilon

    Technology expertise on-demand and end to end engineering services
    • Software Development & Marketing Automation

      Marketing automation tools integration.
      Web development, mobile development and engineering services.
      Marketing software development.
      eCommerce platforms build-up.
      Cloud migrations and business scaling.
    • Big data & Advanced Analytics

      Levering the data flows and engineering data transferring, data storage and computer systems.
      Data science expertise on-demand.
      Machine learning models implementation and scaling.
      Data science platforms and data lakes build up.
      Devops and custom development.
  • Sutter Mills Inside

    An all-around approach to consumer & market knowledge


      Extensive experience in qualitative studies.

      A full range of qualitative methodologies : Focus groups, Individual interviews, Behavioral analysis, Innovation workshops & Brainstorming sessions, Semiologic analyses.

    • Cross-Channel approach

      Studies on all channels with a unique expertise on digital.

      Offline : retail.

      Online : website & mobile apps (web-listening, UX optimization, online forums, video, etc…).

      On&Off : seamless UX, web-to-store, ad consistency.

    • Multi-industry & international knowledge

      Cross-industry knowledge : health & beauty, energy, retail, FMCG, NTIC, banking & insurance, publishing, public, etc.

      International reach with projects done all over the world : Europe, Middle East, Asia, Americas.

  • Sutter Mills D3

    A user experience enhancing content for your media properties


      A cross-channel design experience.

      Build hybrid experiences across distribution channels.

      Ensure seamless experiences for users through ergonomic interface.

      Improve brand image through adapted design.


      Creative Assets Creation.

      Levergae custom ans impactful creative content (Photo, Video, Writing, Virtual reality).


      Cross-device ans multi-format tools.

      Launch homogeneous communication & marketing campaigns (Print & digital, all devices).